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About us

Sound Domain’s brand is built on a team of people with sound knowledge, experience and talent. We are able to cope with the most difficult tasks and you can always rely on us.

The customer feels safe with us, in good hands, and does not leave disappointed.

Meet our team:

sound designer for over 30 years in the film and television industry with experience on set, in post-production and with sound composition. Company director

Iga Kałduńska

sound designer with experience on set and in post-production, specialises in editing and cleaning dialogue and the creative editing of sound effects

Szymon Nawrocki

sound engineering graduate at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, who specializes in cleaning of archival and original recordings and mastering

Jan Mazan

musician, charming and talented Foley artist with many years of experience

Maria Waśkiewicz

sound designer, Foley artist and sensitive sound effects editor with great taste

Izabela Waśkiewicz

sound designerwith extensive experience in precise synchronisation and editing of archives and Foley

Ewa Głowacka-Tryniecka

sound designer, specialising in cleaning, pre-mixing and mastering

Our background

We are a combination of graduates of the Sound Engineering Department of the Academy of Music and musicians for whom sound is the best way to express thoughts and emotions. With our knowledge and experience, we support the directors’ vision for sound in film.

Rosa - song for the closing credits of the film "Catalina", dir. D. Hasanovic, comp. J. Napieralska

Whispers of Souls - song from the film "So Close, So Far", dir. by M. Dutkiewicz, comp. J. Napieralska

Lullaby For The Ancestors - song from the film "Nawigacja sztuki", dir. by reż. K. Tchórzewski, comp. J. Napieralska